Leaked images claim to reveal iOS 8 running on an iPhone 5S

iOS 8 screenshot
Watch Utility... srsly?

With Apple's annual developer conference quickly approaching, we have little doubt that somewhere in Cupertino there are devices already running iOS 8, and a new report could very well offer our first glimpse at one of them.

PhoneArena turned up a handful of images allegedly from Apple's forthcoming iOS update, which will presumably be unleashed in just over six weeks during the iPhone maker's Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco.

One low-resolution image (shown below) appears to show iOS 8 running on a current iPhone 5S passed along by a generous reader using the screen name "Omar Sharif." We're pretty sure is not the star of stage and screen who shares the same moniker.

The tipster followed up with a trio of screenshots - two from iPhone and one from iPad - which reveal a bevy of icons for new apps that have been widely rumored to be included with the new mobile OS release.

iOS 8 on iPhone 5S leak

Hello, iOS 8? (credit: PhoneArena)

Eight is great

Although the four images don't immediately stand out as obvious fakes, the inclusion of a so called "Watch Utility" app is likely to raise eyebrows, although others for Healthbook, Preview, TextEdit and Tips fall in line with recent rumors.

Also clearly on display is an icon for iTunes Radio, which Apple is reportedly toying with the possibility of turning into a standalone app, rather than part of the existing built-in Music app.

Assuming iOS 8 breaks cover at WWDC, kicking off June 2, it's not surprising to see leaked screenshots making the rounds a month and a half early, even at the same time Apple is said to be readying an iOS 7.1.1 bug fix update.

Meanwhile, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users still lingering on iOS 6 have apparently found themselves in the midst of an extended FaceTime outage since April 17, and the only resolution for now appears to be upgrading to iOS 7.1.

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Here are a couple of things we're expecting to see in iOS 8: