Hands on: Fedora 10 review

Fedora 10
Fedora 10 rocking the solar theme combined with Plymouth

Fedora 10 has just been released to the waiting masses. Linux Format magazine took the distro for an early test run, exploring the new features and seeing how it stacks up against the other major players in the Linux league...

Linux Format says the bootup time has seen a massive improvement thanks to the implementation of Plymouth - the replacement for the ageing and increasingly fragile RHGB.

"Along with the improvement in speed, the general look and feel of the initial boot process feels a lot smoother thanks to work done to minimise all the different handovers between the BIOS, GRUB, RHGB and finally a smooth fade into the GDM log-in screen," the mag says.

"The developers have given us a decent distro, and one that will reinforce Fedora's long term ambitions by providing a platform for growth," Linux Format adds.

"The distro itself has come a long way over the last five years; we certainly hope that the work that has been carried out can be matched, if not exceeded over the next five. If you've not tried Fedora, or have moved away from it in the past then you should definitely take a look - existing users will be rubbing their hands with glee over this solid release."

Read the full Fedora 10 hands on by Linux Format magazine

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