Microsoft's Windows 10 Anniversary Update is landing on August 2

Windows 10

Though it comes as no surprise thanks to a leaked blog post, Microsoft has officially announced that its Windows 10 Anniversary Update will land on computers on August 2.

Packed to the rafters with added functionality, the free update stuffs in more new features and tweaks than you can count on one hand. Not that you'll be using your fleshy digits, as you'll be too busy talking to your PC and buying online goods by gazing into your webcam.

Those updates, then

So, what's new? Microsoft's Cortana personal assistant can now access the lock screen, and she'll even offer to hail an Uber or order your dinner if you're staying late in the office. Handy.

The software giant recently claimed that its Edge browser, ahem, edges the competition when it comes to extending your computer's battery life, and the Anniversary Update introduces a host of power-saving improvements. They include the ability to use fewer CPU cycles and consume less memory while minimising the impact of draining content such as Flash ads.

Moreover, Edge has finally caught up with Firefox and Google's Chrome browser by introducing Extensions, with Pinterest's Pin it Button and Amazon's Assistant being two of the first to hit the Windows Store.

Security measures

There's also updates to security for both consumers and businesses in the form of enhancements to Windows Hello, and Windows Defender. So long as you're using Edge, the former now lets you log into certain websites using your face with enterprise-grade security.

Defender, on the other hand, introduces new anti-malware measures that automatically schedules snappy scans of your machine to identify and eliminate nasties lurking under the hood.

Other improvements include tighter integration between Windows 10 devices and Xbox One when gaming, with Xbox Play Anywhere allowing you to buy a game once and play it on either platform.

And finally, Windows Ink has been tweaked to allow integration with Office, Edge, Maps and other applications where using a digital pen to scribble over your screen would come in handy.

Windows 7 and Windows 8 users have until July 29 to grab Windows 10 before it turns from a free to a paid upgrade, so you'll have to get a move on if that includes you.

Kane Fulton
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