Microsoft outs 3D Builder for Windows 8.1 to aid support for 3D printers

Microsoft launches 3D Builder app for Windows 8.1 to aid support for 3D printers
An entire train set (albeit an otherworldly expensive one) can be your

Microsoft has released a new app for Windows 8.1 machines, allowing users to create 3D-printable items.

The free 3D Builder app comes with a host of pre-conceived templates, including everything one could need to create their own 3D-printed model train set, with their Windows 8.1 compatible 3D printer.

As well as host of other templates, like lego-style bricks, money clips, cookie cutters, snowflakes, pendants and the rest of it, users can also build their own items from scratch.

Microsoft is also enabling users (albeit a very small number of users with Windows 8.1 and a 3D printer at this stage) to combine presets into one larger object.

Ornaments, toys and more..

"3D Builder has a catalog of objects you can create from ornaments to toys and more. The clean, simple user interface lets you scale, rotate and adjust what you want to print," wrote Microsoft's Kristina Libby on the official Windows blog.

"Add multiple objects to a single print – even stack or push objects into one another to create new ones. Printing 3D objects created in other applications or ones that are downloaded from the Internet is really easy with the 3D Builder app and touch as well."

The app is available to download from the Windows Store now and, if you're in the market for a 3D printer, Microsoft is also keep to point out it is now selling the MarkerBot Replicator 2.

Via TechCrunch

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