Instagram arrives on Windows Phone today, lacks some major features

Instagram on Windows Phone cleared for landing

Instagram is finally arriving on Windows Phone, filling a gaping hole in Microsoft's mobile OS ecosystem.

The app became available at 11 a.m. PST/7 p.m. GMT/6 a.m November 21 AEST in the Windows Phone Store.

The Instagram app is a welcome if overdue addition to the platform, one users have been clamoring for as iOS and Android owners have snapped and filtered to their Hudson hearts' content. Nokia too put the vice on Instagram, perpetually deflecting that an app would come to its Lumia line, eventually.

That day is now upon Windows Phone owners, however the Instagram app they're about to enjoy is still very much a work in progress. To stress the point, it's called Instagram BETA in the Windows Phone Store.

According to the Facebook-owned company, it wanted to get the app on WP as quickly as possible (quickness being relative), and therefore only endowed it with core features to start. More functions will arrive with future updates, the company assured.

Instagram is only available for Windows Phone 8, meaning owners of non-upgraded phones are out of luck.


What's there

In the vein of WP, Instagram Live Tiles refresh with new Start screen info, and the app supports fast resume.

As you can see from the image to the left, all the filter effects you need to Instagram-ify your snaps are there.

Windows Phone users will find their feed intact, and they can search for other users and hashtags. Social network sharing is ready and raring to go, too.

And what's missing

As for what's missing, the app doesn't have video capture or upload, though users can view the 3-15 second clips that will populate their feeds.

Photo tagging is also MIA, so the people in your pics will remain un-identified for now. Users won't be able to view geotaxis either.

Finally, Instagram said that in beta, the application doesn't support in-app camera capture. This is true; instead it has a roundabout method that takes users out of app when they click on the camera icon, sending them to the phone's default camera application. Captured images are then uploaded to the Instagram app for editing and sharing.

"In beta" suggests the feature could come in later updates, but as it is Windows Phone users finally have their Instagram app. Just a half-baked version.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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