Eminem's new LP is the first to debut in full on iTunes Radio

Eminen's new LP is the first to debut in full on iTunes Radio
Apple nabs Eminem for iTunes Radio

Apple has boosted its emerging iTunes Radio platform by offering exclusive early access to Eminem's new Marhsall Mathers 2 album, prior to its official release.

iTunes Radio users in the United States can now head to the First Play channel within the app and stream the album in full, ahead of its launch on November 5.

The coup represents the first time an entire album has debuted on iTunes Radio and will ensure more Apple users than ever make an effort to check out the new streaming service, rolled out with iOS 7.

Before now Apple has offered early access to albums via the artist page, rather than iTunes Radio, but it appears from here on in, all First Plays will be introduced within the new platform.


Earlier this year, Apple said as much. The company's head of internet services Eddy Cue revealed Apple was planning to leverage iTunes Radio for these purposes.

In the case of the Eminem album, as 9to5Mac reports, a leak onto BitTorrent earlier this week might have hastened the streaming arrival ahead of the on sale date.

Obviously, this is a US-only benefit for now as we're still waiting for Apple to announce iTunes Radio availability in other territories.

Recent indications have suggested that a roll-out in early 2014 is on the agenda as Apple pushes for deals with labels and publishers.

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