Google Play Music adds 'I'm feeling lucky radio' to ease musical indecision

Google Play Music adds I m feeling lucky radio to ease musical indecision

Google's 'I'm Feeling Lucky' search button, which takes users directly to the first page in the listing, has been around forever, but is thought to be deployed in less than 1 per cent of all queries.

So the company will hope it finds a more appreciated home within the radio portion of Play Music app, for those users who just can't decide what they want to listen to.

The new feature, spotted by the AndroidPolice site, will allow users to auto-generate a radio station based on their previous listening habits.

In the current version of the app users need to select an artist or a genre in order to start a custom radio station.

One genre

According to AndroidPolice, the new button seems to serve up music from the user's most frequented genre, rather than offering up a mix, which seems to take away from the fun a little bit.

It also appears, from various reports that the feature is limited to All Access subscribers at present.

According to the site, the new version of the app will be rolling out to all users of the iTunes Radio rival in the next couple of weeks.

Via Engadget