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Google Chrome can be customised with extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

Downloading a web browser used to be an easy decision. First, Internet Explorer defeated Netscape. Then Firefox proved a better choice than Internet Explorer. Google Chrome offered a third option - faster, neater, with a more minimalist approach. Now, the browser you use often comes down to personal preference or to the operating system that runs on your computer.

The latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome are all fast. But Firefox and Chrome enjoy greater expandability, capable of installing add-ons and extensions respectively. These two browsers also leave Internet Explorer in the dust when it comes to synchronising data and browsing sessions between different devices.

Security conscious

Firefox and Google Chrome are also neck and neck when it comes to privacy and feature private browsing modes that won't leave sensitive data in your web history. They also give you access to various protective plugins, including HTTPS Everywhere and Disconnect, which enables you to block websites that attempt to track your Internet browsing.

In a straight-up fight between Firefox and Chrome, Google's web browser nudges ahead with superior HTML5 performance and sandboxed tabs for extra stability. So if one tab crashes on you, it doesn't take down the whole browser. We have a winner. But only just.

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