Social Energy wins UK’s first-ever fully domestic weekly FFR contract to help balance the national grid

(Image credit: Social Energy)

Green energy supplier Social Energy has won the first ever fully domestic contract with National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) to supply week-ahead Firm Frequency Response (FFR). 

This is a service in which energy customers use batteries, heating and cooling systems, and other assets to quickly reduce energy demand or increase generation, helping balance the grid and avoid power outages.

Social Energy will use 80 per cent of its fleet of battery-powered customers to provide 4MW of FFR capacity to the National Grid ESO throughout the day, as part of the new FFR contract. 

What is Firm Frequency Response?

Firm Frequency Response is one of the services that the ESO uses to keep the electricity system in balance. The system ensures that demand for power is matched by the levels of electricity generated. The ESO sees this as a key part of making sure the UK has safe, secure and reliable electricity. For this reason, the ESO is using FFR as part of its programme of work to prepare Britain’s electricity system to be able to run on purely zero-carbon electricity by 2025. 

The Frequency Response Auction trial is a two-year project to trial the procurement of a portion of the ESO’s frequency response requirement via weekly pay-as-clear auctions. The trial, which is funded by the Network Innovation Allowance, aims to remove barriers to entry, promote competition and deliver value for consumers. 

How will this help customers?

Social Energy is a new generation of energy supplier that uses smart technology to reduce its customers’ electricity bills. Homeowners can get their solar and battery system from a locally approved installer, and connect it to the energy supplier’s Social Energy tariff. By doing this, Social Energy predicts that a home’s energy bills could fall by up to 70 per cent, which would save a typical household £516 per year. 

Customers can maximise their solar energy usage by adding a battery and connecting it to Social Energy’s smart technology. They'll then receive the best price for exporting their excess energy to the grid, and automatically take advantage of low or even negative-priced energy. 

By enabling its customers to easily take part in the weekly Frequency Response Auctions, Social Energy can ensure that customers benefit financially by maximising trading opportunities, while also supporting the future of energy.

How can I save money on my bills?

If you don’t have a battery or solar panels but would like to save money on your energy bills and switch to a cleaner, greener tariff, then the best way of doing this is by running an online energy comparison. If you’re currently on a standard variable tariff, then switching could save you hundreds of pounds.

To run the comparison, you’ll need to provide a few basic details about your home and your energy use. Then, you’ll be able to see the best energy deals in your area. In addition, you’ll also receive a detailed breakdown of how much you could save by switching to each provider. Plus, you can filter your results so that you only see green providers who offer 100 per cent renewable electricity. 

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Find the best energy deals in your area
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