Skoda is offering virtual cockpits as an optional extra

Skoda virtual cockpit

Skoda is doing away with analog dials, offering virtual cockpits on selected Karoq, Octavia, Superb models and Kodiaq models.

The virtual cockpit replaces the usual analog speedo and tachometer with a TFT display powered by a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 30 processor. You have a choice of five basic layouts, all of which are customizable to suit your preferences, your car, and where you're driving.

The basic layout features two main displays (such as current speed and time remaining), with additional info shown in smaller dials and pictograms above and below. 

The classic layout presents the tachometer and speedometer as round dials on either side of the display, with space in between for the navigation map, or a information on what's currently playing on the car's sound system.

The modern and extended layouts put the map front and center (the difference being the width), and Sports mode presents you with a large central dial containing the speedometer and rev counter. Extra information like recommended gear and traffic sign detection can be shown around the edges.

Virtual normality

Skoda isn't the first carmaker to substitute the analog cockpit for a virtual one. Last year, we took Audi's new A5 Coupe for a spin and were particularly impressed by the clear 12.5in display replacing the car's usual dials.

Unlike Skoda's models, the Audi also features a heads-up display projected onto the windshield to help keep your eyes on the road. This contains information like current speed, your next navigation direction, and lane assistance.

Audi's virtual cockpit will set you back an extra £250 (about $330, AU$460), while the HUD costs £900 (about $1,170, AU$1,660). If you want a virtual cockpit for your new Skoda, you can expect to pay an additional £450-£550 (about $590-$720, AU$830-AU$1,020) depending on the model.

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