Samsung Gear Sport update should make it much better for runners

The Samsung Gear Sport is already a solid exercise watch, but the company has now issued a software update that should make it even better for those who go running with it on their wrist.

Samsung's latest update to the Gear Sport comes with a variety of new features on the Tizen-toting watch as well as improved device stability and performance.

The change log for the latest update says it will now allow users to set their own pace target, which we know will work for running but it's not clear if this will work for other exercises as well.

It will also allow you to customize how often you'll be alerted with your stats during your exercise. That means if you want to know your data every 8 minutes rather than every kilometer, you can set that up and have it ready to nudge you at whatever intervals you want.

Small upgrades

Other new features include the ability to turn off the motion recognition alarm on your watch, plus the layout within the exercises app will make it far easier to read and therefore easier to scan quickly when you're sweating.

If you own the Samsung Gear Sport, you should be getting this update in the coming weeks as it's rolling out around the world now. You'll see it appear in the Gear app on your phone under the name R600XA1ARC4 and it'll be 80MB in size.

As soon as we can we'll be updating our watch to the new software and updating our full review of the Samsung Gear Sport with the latest features.

Via Tizen Help

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