Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 might charge twice as fast as the Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic
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Based on leaks and rumors it sounds like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will get all sorts of upgrades, and the latest we’ve heard about is an improvement to the charging speed, which could be twice as fast as on the last version.

That’s based on filings from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) for a trio of wearables with model numbers linked to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 line. Spotted by 9to5Google, these listings reveal 10W of charging power, which is double the 5W offered by the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 line.

Now, in practice that doesn’t necessarily mean the watches will actually charge twice as fast – especially as leaks suggest the Galaxy Watch 5 line will also have bigger batteries – but certainly this should be a major upgrade.

It’s a much-needed one too, because the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 takes almost two hours to fully charge, which is a long time to wait. Hopefully, Samsung will be able to reduce that to around an hour here, which – while still slower than some modern gadgets – would be a lot better.

If Samsung doesn’t increase the charging power then we could see a full charge take well over two hours on these new watches, given the possibly larger batteries. That’s especially true in the case of the rumored Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which is said to come with a massive – by smartwatch standards – 572mAh battery.

So with that in mind, it would almost be strange if Samsung didn’t increase the charging speed this year.

The FCC listings don’t reveal much else, though they do mention unsurprising things like the presence of Wear OS, Bluetooth, and NFC. But the fact that these listings exist at all suggests the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 line is well on the way to launching, which lines up with leaks pointing to August.

Analysis: fixing the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic’s biggest flaw

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 line could solve the biggest issue we had with the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic – namely its battery life.

While in our tests we found that the standard Watch 4 lasted a reasonably long time, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic’s stamina was awful.

But with talk of bigger batteries across the Watch 5 line, there’s hope that Samsung won’t make the same mistake twice. And now that it sounds like the batteries will charge faster too, it means that hopefully any and all battery annoyances will be gone – with luck these wearables won’t need charging too often, and when they do, they won’t take long to juice up.

Hopefully, that could give them a great chance of a top place on our list of the best smartwatches.

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