Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch live blog: the Unpacked event as it happened

11.50 - Ji Soo Yi just ordered an Uber with six words - again, nothing new, but does look cool.

Ooooh, there's a new product in the mix - it's a smart speaker from Samsung that takes in Bixby.

11.49 - The Note 9 'it just worked', says Ji Soo Yi. You don't need Yelp or Ticketmaster installed on the app, it'll just work easily. Spotify is one of the partners on show as well - are we going to see a Bixby Smart Speaker yet?

11.48 - Ji Soo Yi has found a restaurant he likes, and he can book that place instantly with a tap - the time he wants and people automatically filled in. He can then navigate right there with another tap. Bixby does look contextual, but it's hard to tell what's been refined here.

11.46 - Live demo of Bixby - it accidentally fired up, showing this is a live demo indeed. Now we're hearing about concert finding - the Note 9 and Bixby can remember the question before to remain contextual.

Being conversational... we've heard this before. And we've still not heard what's new about the Galaxy Watch, really.

11.45 - Is Bixby in the Galaxy Watch? Is that it about the watch? Why is it called Galaxy Watch and not Gear Watch? It used to be that Galaxy meant Android for Samsung... but with that battery life it has to be Tizen powering it, right?

11.42 - Right, Galaxy Health. Wellbeing in mental strength is bigger - there's a breathing app to help you calm down when it spots you're stressed. That's a step up from Apple's meditation app.

There's a personal trainer in there, with six exercises auto-detected. The Gear Sport was pretty poor at this, so let's see how this does better.

The Galaxy Watch does sleep tracking too - the Health app and the watch together will help you monitor and manage your sleep. Again, not new... it's hard to see what's better here beyond the new battery-saving architecture.

There's an all-day watch face, so you can see what's coming up on the calendar.

We're talking about Bixby now... the 'groundbreaking AI platform'. Nah...

11.40 - It's got Gorilla Glass-shod, and has 5 ATM water resistance for swimming. It'll connect to your Android phone (with Samsung having the most features) and it'll also live as a standalone device with LTE. Several days on a single charge? That's down to some new architecture.

It'll charge on the new wireless charger duo pad, alongside the Galaxy Note 9. If Samsung launches that in the next decade, it'll probably beat Apple to market.

11.39 - Some massive music - and Elena Beavis is on stage! That's like my nam... wait, it's Vives. Boo. Oh well.

The Galaxy Watch 'looks like a real watch' and people like that apparently. That's a dig at a competitor, isn't it?

11.38 - Oooh, there's another device coming in. It's the Galaxy Watch... and our Wearables Editor James Peckham was SO READY.

Gareth Beavis
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