Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch live blog: the Unpacked event as it happened

11.13 - Wait, this is very smart-home-like... could we get more than just the phone and watch? No, there is a new smartphone. A 'phone that raises the bar for speed, power and performance once again'. 

The new Note 9 will be longer-lasting, bigger capacity and more power than ever before. A 'smartphone that will never slow you down or let you down'.

11.11 - The vision is to 'put the user first'... come on, please give us some actual facts, not just some marketing ideas of what Samsung is doing. It's clear that the brand is all about giving you the power to do more with your devices, but do we need to talk about 'Human Possibilities?'

11.09 - Whatever the vision was, only Samsung can apparently deliver it, as it's the only brand that can deliver devices across all sections. TVs, car stuff, phones... at a scale 'no other company can match'. 

OK... but how big is the Galaxy Note? Let's get down to the heart of this, DJ Koh. HOW BIG?

11.06 - DJ Koh is going for a Braveheart speech about how his time as president of the brand has changed everything - talking up the building blocks of an intelligent digital experience.

No limits, no barriers, no interruptions... this is turning into confusing marketing words. Disruptive services, limits of a brand or platform... we get the feeling the new Note 9 is supposed to be a 'catch-all' device.

That's interesting... because the Note has always been a device for the power-user, one that the brand keeps trying to say is for the creatives because it has a stylus.

11.04 - DJ Koh is on stage! Welcome remarks to 'celebrate the Note community'. Applauding the commitment to the Note brand - let's be honest, it's taken a beating a couple of years ago.

Now we're seeing a visual history of how the phone has changed 'music, arts and culture' and 'it forces us to break through barriers'.

Still a big phone at the heart though, mate.

11.03 - There's loads of influencers now talking about how the Note is the best phone ever... bit of a stretch. It's great, but the best ever? Let's see what today brings.

(By the way - the original Note was a real punt and it took ages to get the brand's idea into the mainstream).

11.02 - Now we're getting a history lesson, talking about how insane it was when the new Note was launched, showing that the brand had 'no idea what it was doing' when it launched the phablet - our fellow journalists getting burned by their advice to miss it out.

Weird what you can do with millions of marketing dollars, isn't it? 

11.00 - It's here! It's begun! We're seeing the same advert about how annoying phones are, with all their many foibles. We get the feeling Samsung is going to do something to help that.

10.52 - "Please take your seats. The show will begin shortly" booms out across the PA system. It's nearly time.

10.40 - This place is filling up fast. As we enter into the final 20 minutes before launch why not read more about our Galaxy Watch spy shot and why we think it is indeed the new smartwatch we're expecting to launch today.

10.18 - Well, what do we have here? Is that an announced Galaxy Watch on the wrist of a Samsung representative (or maybe a presenter), or simply one of the firm's current wearables? It's certainly got us thinking.

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10.17 - Good news, we've been given two of wearables! Sadly though, neither are new Samsung products. One is simply our entry band, while the other we suspect will light up at key points during the presentation.

Not quite the wearables we were hoping for. Fingers crossed there's more to come

Not quite the wearables we were hoping for. Fingers crossed there's more to come

10.15 - There's a buzz around the Barclays Center, with hundreds of people milling around and heading inside to take their seats.

10.10 - This is Samsung's second launch in just over a week, as it launched the new Galaxy Tab S4 just a mere eight days ago. That too boasts a S Pen stylus, although the main talking point is its desktop-like DeX interface.

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10.00am - There's just one hour to go until the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch in Brooklyn, New York and we're already inside, connected to the WiFi and are raring to go.

It's no surprise that we'll see the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 take center stage today as the handset has been heavily leaked, rumored and teased. However, murmurings of a potential new Samsung Galaxy Watch also making an appearance have got us a little excited.

It's a lovely day for a phone launch in New York

It's a lovely day for a phone launch in New York
Matt Swider