Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch live blog: the Unpacked event as it happened

11.36 - You can use the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 with the S Pen too... Mr Doodle is now using the tablet instead. Wait, why? That kind of shows that the Note 9 isn't that good for sketching. 

11.34 - DeX doesn't look super new - we've seen it multiple times before. You can click the phone into an HDMI adaptor and then it starts the desktop environment. For some reason, some weird music keeps starting each time a demo begins. It's confusing.

The DeX experience does look pretty easy with a single connection. You can still use the Note 9 in your hand too, just like a phone while it's being a computer too.

Is it charging while connected though? That's hard to make out.

11.33 - We're summing up now - the S Pen is 'what makes a Note, a Note'. That makes sense. The clue is in the name, after all. Now, Samsung DeX.

11.32 - Now we're seeing an S Pen artist... IT'S MR DOODLE! He's wearing a doodled suit. It's a pretty poor doodle to start... I think this is meant to be a joke to start. He's going to give us something 'a bit special', we'll be back with him soon.

11.31 - In fairness, a full charge happens inside the phone in under a minute, and even if dead, the S Pen will still function like before. That's actually an impressive feature to upgrade - adding in a remote that charges inside the phone is a smart upgrade.

11.29 - The S Pen has now got Bluetooth inside. Now, you can use it to play and pause video, to take pics or use them in Snapchat.

You can also use it to control something 'much bigger'. You can control a presentation with it, simply clicking the S Pen. Cool. That's totally new, right?11.27 - Every shot you take will be 'Instagram ready' (urgh). That's because the phone will intelligently work out the scene and improve the settings on purpose. Let's see if that's different to the rest of the world of phones.

Oh man, he's taking a selfie of Unpacked. We don't know what he's up to here. He's just taken some pictures without touching the phone... he used the S Pen. People have just gone bananas about that.

Jon Wong is on stage to talk about the S Pen. This should be good. He was fun before.

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