Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch live blog: the Unpacked event as it happened

11.25 - Right, onto the camera. The dual aperture camera is going to be present again, with low-light capabilities and super slow motion video recording.

This is 'one of the most powerful smartphone cameras in the world', and now it's been boosted in terms of intelligence. The Note 9 will spot when you've taken a bad photo, and let you know. Smudged lens? Blurry image? Blinking friends? It'll tell you.

11.24 - Apparently the Note 9 will usher in 'a new world of gaming' or something. It was a lot of words about Fortnite but no actual news.

The Note 9 will have dual AKG speakers, the loudest ever. There's also a water carbon cooling system, and a smart performance adjusting algorithm. What's water carbon?

11.23 - We're hearing about the popularity of Fortnite... and wondering when it will be coming to Android - and it'll be launching on Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets now. It'll be coming to the rest of the Android world later this week.

11.22 - There's a 10nm CPU inside, and 1.2Gbps download capability. We're now hearing from Epic Games' Tim Sweeney... could this be anything to do about Fortnite? He looks totally relaxed. Totally.

11.19 - The Note 9 is designed to 'keep up with you'. Now we're hearing what happens when the phone gets below 5%... oh, no, there's nothing different. It's just an 'all-day' battery... it's a big battery. Nothing fancy here.

The Note 9 has 128GB of storage as standard...there's also a 512GB version if you're into that. If you add in a 512GB microSD card, you'll get 1TB of storage.

11.16 - Ah crap, we missed who this was on stage. Someone Blackheart? Blockard? This is terrible. Really sorry to the person on stage. He looks very slick.

The curves of the phone are 'diamond cut', the fingerprint scanner is centralised to make it easier to hit.

Ooh, and there are four new colors: black, copper, purple and blue... and there's a yellow S Pen for the blue variant.

11.14  - The all-new Galaxy Note 9 is here! It looks very slick in the video... as you might expect.

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