Roccat's comfort-focused Noz gaming headset won’t give you any earaches

Roccat Noz
Image credit: Roccat

Roccat has revealed a new gaming headset designed with comfort and style in mind, which will go on sale very shortly.

The Noz over-ear headset will be available on April 18 priced at £59.99 (around AU$110), but is up for pre-order now in Roccat’s online store for those in the UK and a few other European countries: France, Germany and Austria. 

Roccat will retail the Noz at $69.99 in the US, but pre-orders aren’t live there yet.

Roccat’s Noz offers ‘natural-sounding’ stereo sound (there’s no surround antics here) with 50mm drivers, and the ellipse-shaped earcups have plenty of internal space for better sound reproduction. Plus, the manufacturer claims the drivers are "perfectly ergonomically aligned" to balance the sound flow to your ears.

Breathe easy

Also, the earcups are built for comfort, with a soft and breathable fabric used on the cup padding and indeed the headband as well. The latter is made of leather, to inject a little more style into the design, although it has stainless-steel sliders (metal is also used for the hinges to ensure an ideal level of durability).

Roccat Noz

Image credit: Roccat

The Noz – yes, it’s an odd name, and if you Google it, the name will perhaps seem even stranger – is also lightweight at 210g, and all this effort at making it comfortable to wear is to ensure that lengthy gaming sessions are perfectly palatable with the headset.

You also get an integrated mic and a volume wheel on one earcup, where there is also a mute button. The headset has a 2.45m cable and a 3.5mm jack, but there is also a mobile adapter included. Not too bad for under 100 bucks or quid.

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