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Want a full size R2D2 droid?

From a galaxy far, far away...

We’ve all yearned for the day when we can command our very own R2 bot. Well, now that day is here thanks to the R2D2 Projector Robot.

Not only does it spit out all your movies, games and calls for help from across the galaxy by an old man in a robe in 80-inch glory, but it also sports a high-end DVD player.

And JUST like the R2 droid of the films, you can also listen to FM radio and dock your iPod, in case Tatooine’s airwaves aren’t to your taste.

To me, R2

The remote control is also one of the greatest to have ever been made, as it is in the shape of a Millennium Falcon (if you haven’t seen the films, then it’s going to be a hugely annoying design though).

And of course, the R2 unit also makes all the familiar beeps and whistles, so you can don your 30-year-old costume and fight the Empire in complete authenticity.

Available now for the sprightly sum of £1999.