HP Pocket Playlist launches with wireless streaming to all your gadgets

HP Pocket Playlist launches with wireless streaming to all your gadgets
Hockety pockety

HP has added a new external storage gizmo to its line-up: the HP Pocket Playlist, which brings offline wireless media streaming to your various mobile devices.

It's basically a 32GB portable storage drive that can wirelessly connect and stream to up to five devices a the same time.

There's room on board for up to 16 full-length feature films, 7,600 songs or 10,000 photos, giving you essentially the same storage space as most top-end smartphones.

What's interesting about the Pocket Playlist is that it plays nicely with PlayLater - a DVR-style product for online movie streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. This means you can cache a Netflix film to the HP Pocket Playlist then stream it offline to your phone or tablet later.

Is that a Pocket Playlist in your pocket?

The HP Pocket Playlist is compatible with most mobile Wi-Fi friendly devices, including those on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

The handy gadget has been given a US release date of February 15 along with a price tag of $129 - unfortunately there's no word on when or if the player will make it to other shores.

Alongside the HP Pocket Playlist, HP unveiled a host of new monitors at CES 2013, from the 27-inch HP Envy 27 IPS LCD panel with built-in Beats audio, to the portable HP U160 15.60-inch LED monitor.

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