Pocket app for Android Wear lets you save an article for later

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Android Wear gets its first ware

Google's Android Wear smartwatches are being designed to alert wearers of short notifications and messages, but one company intends to expand its use for longer-form content.

A new Pocket app is being demoed as a way to bookmark pages on the wrist-worn wearable, which makes it easier to read later on with a bigger screen.

The startup company illustrates that receiving an Android Wear notification from a friend who recommends an interesting article can be put aside for reading in-depth later on.

The prototype version of Pocket for an Android Wear smartwatch only requires a swipe to the left and a single tap to save to the deferred reading app.

Why this works

Pocket would make it easier to read the article at a more convenient time, like during a public transit commute.

At the same time, Android Wear would make it easier to save without taking out your phone from its comfortable pocket position.

The combination is still in its infancy, according to Max Weiner, Pocket's Android Development lead.

That's not surprising since the Android War SDK just came out and the circular-shaped Moto 360 and still-veiled-in-darkness LG G Watch are the only two Google watches announced.

Matt Swider