Prescription lenses, new designs and doctors offices next up for Google Glass?

Google Glass
What they don't tell you is that he can't see out of those

Google Glass may have spied its prescription lens partner and by extension, so much more.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Google is in talks with VSP Global, a US vision benefits provider and frames and lens producer.

The companies are in early discussions about developing prescription lenses just for Glass, more fashionable frames and even putting the gadgets in optometry offices.

VSP, which provides a vision plan for Google employees, has 60 million enrolled members and counts 30,000 eye doctors in its networks - assets that could help bring Glass to a broader audience. More than 110 million Americans wear corrective lenses, so Google would be wise to widen Glass' scope.

More Google Glasses!

As the Journal noted, VSP could help Google develop more designs for Glass too.

Google Glass 2, complete with earbud, has already been unveiled, but its look isn't exactly hip aside from an early adopter semblance.

The talks may lead on a road to nowhere of course. While it wasn't mentioned in today's report, another firm called Rochester Optical has said it will release prescription lenses for Glass in early 2014. The company also plans to provide "fashion and sports lenses" for the computized eyewear.

According to The Verge, Rochester Optical is not working with Google to develop its lenses.

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