New frame designs mean glasses-wearers can now wear Google Glass

Glasses-wearers will soon be able to get in on the Google Glass game as Google has unveiled some specially-designed frames for prescription lenses will go on sale for $225 a pop.

The Google Glass hardware isn't changing (and will cost you more than the frames), and because you have to unscrew the device from the frames you won't be able to quickly snap it off one set and stick it on another.

The four frame designs in the new Titanium line come with BlackBerry-esque descriptors: curve, thin, split and bold. They are all the sort of heavy-framed glasses you'd expect to find in the Mission district of San Francisco.

Bold curves

As the range name suggests, the frames themselves will be grey but you'll be able to opt for one of four accent colours for inside the glasses, and there'll also be three sunglass options at $150 a go

International pricing is still a mystery to us all, but the regular prescription frames convert to around £135 and $256, while the sunglasses come in at £90 and AU$170.

"We're going to reach some day, hopefully it will be soon, where people will wonder 'why would I want traditional glasses?" says Google Glass Product Director Steve Lee.

Of course, we were heading in the direction of 'why would I want to wear glasses at all' thanks to contact lenses and laser eye surgery, but hey.

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