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New Year's iPod accessories from Princeton

Princeton Japan is usually a reliable supplier of interesting, cheap accessories and its newest iPod add-ons are no exception. The first is a JPY15,800 (£69) 2.1-channel speaker system, while the other is a JPY4,980 (£22) wired remote controller for the Great White Player.

The SoundWall speaker system (wonder if they've heard of Phil Spector in Japan?) features a dock for all iPods from the fourth-generation onwards, as well as both varieties of nano and the mini, although the shuffle isn't supported. Audio output is a reasonable 4W x 2 and there are composite and S-Video outputs for displaying videos on an external screen.

Naturally, players other than those from Apple can be hooked up, but iPod owners stand to get the most out of the SoundWall, as a surprise bonus is that it charges any attached iPod as it plays, which puts it a step ahead of Apple's own iPod Hi-Fi.

The oddly named PIP-IRC remote control is intended to improve upon the inadequate remote once sold by Apple by bringing an LCD to the party.

The 32g unit plugs into the dock connector on the bottom of an iPod, from where it draws the information needed to display whatever's on the player's screen. Power comes directly from the iPod and there's a clip for attaching the remote to clothing. J Mark Lytle