Dolphin MP3 player takes to water like a duck

Take a dip with Century's water-loving audio player

Considering the wet weather we've been suffering in the UK this summer, the newest MP3 player from Century Japan could be a useful gadget to pick up. It's stylish, capable and waterproof.

The 21mm (diameter) x 60mm Dolphin DAP is smartly finished in aluminium and rubber, weighs just 25g and comes with 2GB of flash memory onboard. At ¥19,800 (£80) it's gratifying to see the maker hasn't gone in for the price gouging slightly unusual versions of common gadgets often suffer from.

Century has included two pairs of waterproof headphones that are coated with silicone to form a seal when inserted in the ear. The 45cm pair is for use when the player is clipped to goggles, while the longer 80cm set should stretch as far as whatever swim gear you're wearing.

No diving

Both MP3 and WMA playback are supported and music transfer is a USB 2.0 drag-and-drop affair, so Windows, Mac and Linux are all good to go. Battery life isn't great at just eight hours, though. But at least an array of clips and an armband for attaching the Dolphin to your person are included.

As for the degree of waterproofing, Century says the Dolphin is IPX7 certified, which means it can be used in 1m of water for up to 30 minutes. That should just about pass muster for a short spell in the local pool, but don't go diving for those coins on the bottom.

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