Myryad goes iPod mad, takes on Arcam Solo

Hi-fi and home cinema maker Myryad is shedding its occasionally fusty image for something that's a lot more family-friendly, trendy and now. To prove the point the company is launching a range of iPod-friendly products. These include a high quality DAB clock radio and an Arcam Solo Music style 1-box hi-fi system, which also has iPod integration at its heart.

The Myryad RS DAB clock radio goes on sale in October for £299. Features include high quality stereo speakers with a downward firing subwoofer to add a touch of bass to its sound, plus a digital radio tuner. An iPod connector is optional at £60, but UK distributor Armour Home Electronics says it'll slash the cost of that by 50 per cent to £30 for the first six months that the Myryad RS is on sale.

Myryad MI: all-in-one hi-fi

Joining the RS is the Myryad MI, a 100W per channel all-in-one hi-fi system that includes a CD player, FM and DAB tuners. Armour says the Myryad MI has been configured to deliver a meatier performance than its Arcam Solo Music rival. Its iPod-integration is also pretty special.

This Apple-approved product comes with colour front panel display and a control interface that mimics the iPod's own - the aim is for iPod owners to feel entirely comfortable using the system.

The Myryad MI will be available for £1,200 when it goes on sale, also next month.