Philips in iPod docks shock

Morning glory? - the Philips AJ300D clock radio iPod dock

Like King Canute attempting to hold back the tide, Philips has almost and/or finally given into the mighty iPod and released a flood of docks* for the Apple player.

Announced today are - count 'em - seven new docks for the iPod from the company, docks which build on or collapse onto Philips' tentative steps into this space last year

The 7 models range from the AJ300D bedroom FM clock radio dock to the DCM230 . The latter is a one-box Docking Entertainment System with USB Direct for those plucky few who've yet to have been assimilated by the iPod hordes - like Philips GoGear buyers for example.

All of the docks are available in the UK now. Although some models may be familiar to US and European readers having been launched in these territories previously.

The full model line-up (in price order) is listed below:

DC1000 - £free (with Philips WACS7000)
A simple iPod dock designed to accompany the now heavily discounted Philips Streamium WACS7000 wireless multiroom audio system.

AJ300D - £70
Bedroom clock dock with FM radio and built-in 2x 6W speakers.

MCM138D - £90
A budget micro hi-fi system with CD player, WMA and MP3 support plus a pair of 2W per channel loudspeakers

AZ1330D - £100
Portable CD player with FM/AM radio and top-mounted iPod dock

MCM398D - £140
Micro hi-fi system with CD player, WMA and MP3 support, plus an FM RDS radio and 2x 100W loudspeakers

DCM199 - £140
Satellite speaker and subwoofer combo with a space for your iPod in the top

DCM230 - £200
Docking Entertainment system with CD player, FM/AM radio and 2x 15W loudspeakers. Compatible with WMA and WMP3 encoded CDs too. Also supports other MP3 players via its USB Direct port.

* To be fair anyone who can string a bunch of electronics together just has to make an iPod dock - there's too much money in it not to.