Denon unpacks £139 noise isolating earphones

Denon's AH-C700 are sturdily made and promise excellent sound quality
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Denon (opens in new tab) has launched its very first pair of high quality ear-canal earphones. Designed by the same audio engineers who built Denon's £5,000 CD players, these new AH-C700 earphones are said to be "refined" to perfection.

Denon says that the toils of its highly paid engineers have resulted in a totally no frills product, with "no plush cases, no fancy accessories, no luxury packaging, no posters on the tube and no massive ad budgets".

So instead, the money it spent went on the sound quality, the construction and the comfort.

Many ear-canal designs use quite cheap and lightweight plastic capsules to house the mini electronics. But the AH-C700 actually uses ultra-rigid aluminium housings that do not resonate.

High quality audio

All the audio power generated by the microdrivers is focussed and sent into your eardrum, instead of some of the vibrations exiting via the shell. This ultimately results in clearer, more satisfying sound.

The high-tech plugs are complimented by good quality audiophile cables, and with three sixes of soft silicone adapters, you should have no trouble in making them fit in your ears.

Although as with all phones of this kind they don't come cheap. While you can buy iPod replacement earphones for £5, these Denons will set you back £139. But for those who demand the best, they're probably worth it.

The full feature list includes:

  • Extended music response with serious bass
  • Excellent shielding from external noise. This allows safer listing at lower volumes in noisy locations
  • Keeps music 'in' so no-one will engender iPod rage on the Tube
  • Ear adapters supplied in three sizes (S, M, L) for optimal fit for different shaped ears
  • Identical, high-quality signal cable for right and left channels
  • 1.2 metre cable for personal stereo use
  • Pure-OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) conductors for best sound quality
  • Gold-plated aluminium-bodied 3.5mm stereo mini jack plug
  • Available in silver and black

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