PlayStation 4 adds 360-video and FLAC music support in time for PS VR

AV enthusiasts and audiophiles will get a kick out of today's PlayStation 4 update, which focuses on adding premium features to the console's Media Player.

Media Player v2.50's headline addition is the introduction of 360-degree video support. Should you have a brand-spanking new PlayStation VR headset, you'll be able to enjoy wraparound video content through the device.

You'll need to activate 'VR Mode' from the Media Player's Options menu, then select the clip of your choice from a connected server or USB storage device. 

Both video and still 360-degree content is supported, provided they're in the MKV, AVI, MP4, MPEG2 PS , MPEG2 TS, AVCHD video formats, or JPEG, BMP, PNG image formats. Each must be captured "in equirectangular format by a 360-degree omnidirectional camera" in order for the PS4 to recognise them. 

No word yet on whether you'll be able to enjoy 360 videos from YouTube, but we've contacted Sony to ask whether this functionality is planned for the future. 

Getting an ear-full

If you only enjoy the finest of music and audio files, the Media Player update has you covered too.

It's adding support for FLAC audio files, as well as adding the ability to upscale your lower-quality non-FLAC files.

It makes use of the Sony DSEE HX upscaling tech found in the company's other Hi-Res audio products, filling in the gaps left by the compression process used to make MP3s and AACs files.

The PlayStation 4 Media Player v2.50 update rolls out today, just in time for the global launch of the PlayStation VR headset.

Gerald Lynch

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