Tron: Legacy star slams 3D tech

Tron: Legacy star admits that many movies don't benefit from a 3D treatment
Tron: Legacy star admits that many movies don't benefit from a 3D treatment

Tron: Legacy is out in glorious 3D later this very month, although its leading lady doesn't seem to be that taken with new 3D cinema tech.

Olivia Wilde, Tron: Legacy's leggy star is every geek's ultimate wet dream, yet she remains unconvinced that 3D is the way forward for every movie.

Tron 3d

Tron 3d

Sub-standard 3D from Tinseltown

Wilde told our colleagues over at T3 earlier this week that she is unconvinced by the flood of sub-standard 3D flicks coming out of Tinseltown at the moment.

The Tron star told T3 prior to the UK premiere of Tron: Legacy: "Although I do think that certain stories warrant the 3D technique, the effect, I think certain stories don't."

As a quick disclaimer she added: "Maybe I'm wrong and maybe I'm just not grasping that 3D is like the advent of colour in film, just expanding the medium and I should embrace that fully."

One generation beyond Avatar

However, as far as the new Tron film goes, alongside the stunning Daft Punk soundtrack, Wilde is more than sure that the latest 3D projection technology "makes sense for this film…the 3D is the most advanced 3D camera every used, it is one generation beyond the AVATAR camera."

Wilde added: "We are also very proud to be a film that was actually shot in 3D, a lot of films are converted in post-production which I think never quite works as well and audiences becoming quite apt at telling the difference."

Wilde was excited about working with 3D movie makers, telling T3: "I did kind of enjoy looking into the camera some times and just marvelling at what you can see with all these mirrors inside the lens, I thought that was pretty cool.

"Being so used to knowing what the inside of a lens looks like from being in front of it for a lot of my life so far, looking into it and seeing this whole other complex world inside was kind of cool."

Tron: Legacy releases across the UK on December 18. If that isn't a good enough excuse to drag the whole family to the local multiplex this Christmas, we really don't know what is.

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