Sony launches apps to promote 3D Green Hornet

Sony launches smartphone apps to promote 3D Green Hornet movie
Sony launches smartphone apps to promote 3D Green Hornet movie

Sony Pictures has announced a new raft of games and apps to promote its forthcoming 3D action-comedy The Green Hornet, due for release on January 14.

Sony has kicked off the The Green Hornet On-The-Go campaign, hoping that moviegoers to will want to interact with 3D content and games on their mobiles.

Green hornet in 3d next january

Green Hornet in 3D next January

Sneak peak of Green Hornet 3D

"Using mobile marker technology from WiMO Reality, moviegoers can use their smartphones to scan the logo for The Green Hornet and be directed to a mobile site created exclusively for the On-The-Go program," Sony's release explains. "The site provides a sneak peek in the form of 3D digital collector cards."

Green Hornet fans can choose to check out digital collectors cards directly from their mobile screens with the aid of specially marked, limited-edition 3D glasses, designed to look like a black mask.

The idea is that hardcore fans will pick up cards with WiMO-enabled Green Hornet logos on to access a special video message from Seth Rogen and exclusive content about the movie, as well as receiving automatic updates of new content as it is added to the mobile site.

"With the increased usage of mobile applications, people are enjoying entertainment content while they're on the go – so we wanted to bring The Green Hornet right to consumers on their devices," said Dwight Caines, President, Worldwide Digital Marketing, Sony Pictures.

"The most exciting part is that we're delivering this in 3D."

As well as using this innovative mobile marker tech, The Green Hornet marketing blitz also offers fans free games for Android, iPhone and iPad – head over to for more on what promises to be a genuinely cool 3D experience next month.

Adam Hartley