Pixeet 360 panoramic iPhone lens launched

Pixeet's new panoramic iPhone lens lets you take better 360-degree pics

Pushing the iPhone's camera to the limit has become a favourite pastime with many amateur iOS snappers, with a wide range of photographic apps available on the market.

However, even with the best panoramic apps such as Occipital's superb 360 Panorama it is still often tricky to get really decent 360-degree pics, without lots of time and trial and error.

How to take better panoramas

Which is why the new Pixeet 360 Panorama lens is likely appeal to a large swathe of the iPhone photography user-base, as it immediately lets you get better panoramic shots with ease.

Pixeet has developed an innovative-looking fish-eye lens and case alongside its own Pixeet 360 app to help the most amateurish of amateurs still quickly knock out awesome looking panorama pics from their iPhone.

The app also lets you create quick, on-the-go panoramas by just quickly shooting a mere four photos and then stitching them together to create the believable illusion of a widescreen picture.

Users can also share their panoramic pics online via the app or check out what other Pixeet 360 app users are shooting with the new lens and app.

The Pixeet 360 is available right now for 49.90 Euros over at the Pixeet site.

Via Pixeet.com