Nikon's new, speedy premium compact DL-series cameras shoot 4K video

Nikon DL24-85

Nikon is entering the world of premium compact camera with its new DL series.

In an interesting spin, the Japanese camera company is introducing not one but three new high-end cameras. They all share the same underlying 1-inch 20.8 megapixel (MP) sensor, EXPEED 6A image processor, RAW image capability and a 171-point hybrid AF system. However, what makes them different is they've outfitted with three different types of zoom lenses.

The DL24-85 is acclaimed as a great travel and general photography camera thanks to its compact size. It also comes equipped with a 3.6x zoom lens offering an 35mm equivalent focal length spanning 24-85mm and a f1.8-2.8 aperture range, making it a good choice for everything from street shooting to taking portraits. Nikon has also programmed a Super Macro Mode to help users capture extremely small details on objects such as flowers.

Nikon DL18-50

Nikon DL18-50

Next up the DL18-50 comes fitted with a wider and shorter 18-50mm f1.8-2.8 lens. Compared to the DL24-85, this Nikon point-and-shoot features optics better suited to shooting landscapes with its wider lens. The 2.8x zoom lens also sports a unique Nano Crystal coating that helps prevent ghost and flaring, two undesirable artifacts often created by bright lights like the sun.

Nikon DL24-500

Nikon DL24-500

Last but not least is the DL24-500 and as you might have been able to summarize by its name this is Nikon's superzoom option. The premium compact comes fitted with a 21x zoom lens featuring a 24-500mm focal length and a surprisingly generous f2.8-5.6 aperture range. The DL24-500 is also the only camera in the DL-series with a built in OLED electronic viewfinder.

On top of sharing the same sensor, all three cameras are capable of 20fps continuous shooting (up to 60fps with the focus locked in). The DL-series can also record 4K UHD video at 30p and extreme slow motion video up to 1,200 fps.

Wi-Fi connectivity comes stock, allow users to easily share image through Nikon's SnapBridge app available on iOS and Android.

Nikon's new DL-series cameras will be available this summer with the DL24-85 retailing for $649/£550 (about AU$897), the DL18-50 for $799/£680 (about AU$1,150) and the DL24-500 priced at $999/£750 (about AU$1,382).

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