New 7MP and 8MP cameras from Samsung

Just in time for the summer holidays, Samsung today launched the 8.2-megapixel Samsung L83T digital camera, along with the 7-megapixel Samsung L730 and the 8-megapixel Samsung MP L830.

Housed in a slim aluminium case, the Samsung L83T sports a 2.5-inch LCD screen, 3x optical zoom and a high ISO of 1600. It also features Samsung's Intelligent Face Recognition Technology.

This detects faces in your photos, and adjusts the auto focus and auto exposure to ensure better composition and image quality in portraits. The auto focus recognises the faces of subjects and accurately focuses on them, before allowing the auto exposure function to take over, setting the appropriate exposure.

The Samsung L83T also has an image stabilisation system, which helps you capture the best images in lower light conditions.

Samsung's Wise Shot function automatically takes two consecutive pictures in rapid succession. One with advanced shake reduction image stabilisation enabled, and the other with the flash. Both images are displayed side by side so you can decide which is the best shot. Movie-shooting at 30fps, scene modes and an SD memory card slot are also featured.

Samsung L730 and L830

Samsung also announced the Samsung L730 and the Samsung L830. Both feature a 3x optical zoom and a 2.5-inch LCD screen alongside Samsung's Intelligent Face Recognition Technology and ISO1600 capability.

All three cameras are due to go on sale in August. The Samsung L83T is priced at £179, while the Samsung L730 costs £119 and the Samsung L830, £149.