Leica's new digital camera is so simple you don't even need an LCD

Leica M-D (Typ 262)

Leica's latest digital rangefinder aims to take users back in time by completely omitting the rear LCD.

Christened the Leica M-D Typ 262, the German camera and lens maker claims it will take users to a simpler time before digital photography and focus purely on taking a photo in the moment. In the place of a rear LCD you'll find an old-school ISO dial and of course without a screen, it also means this digital rangefinder features analog controls for every setting from shutter speed to drive modes.

Leica argues harkens back to the ongoing legacy of analog Leica M rangefinders, and will help photographers focus on capturing the moment at hand. Photographers won't be left out in the dark as the digital rangefinder comes with a built-in light meter that will help tell you if you have the right exposure settings.

Leica M-D (Typ 262)

The ability to check every photo you take immediately after snapping it (a habit known as chimping) is a common luxury in today's digital world, that almost seems baffling to leave out. But consider how much of a crutch it is. When is the last time you took a dozen shots of the same spaghetti dinner, selfie or what have to just to make sure you got it right.

Leica's sensors are famous for capturing great quality and detail, and the Typ 262 should have no problems doing the same thanks to its 24 megapixel sensor. The onboard Maestro image processor saves RAW images as DNG and users will be able to flexibly post-process any shots they didn't nail perfectly.

That said, this camera isn't designed to take video, not that it should come as a surprise considering it doesn't have a screen. The Typ 262 also isn't Leica's first screen less camera, previously the company released a limited edition run of the Leica M-Edition 60.

The Leica M-D (Typ 262) is priced at $5,995 (about £4,104, AU$7,850) in a bundle that includes a carrying strap in full-grain cowhide leather, and it will be available in the first week of May.

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