Geotag your photos with Sony GPS dongle

Sony camera
It's not just about Sony cameras either

Fans of geotagging their photographs will doubtless be keen on Sony's newest GPS unit, especially as it works with cameras from almost any maker.

The GPS-CS3K comes out in Japan mid-March for ¥18,900 (£135), meaning we can expect it in the West for a similar price sometimes towards the summer.

Google Maps too

It replaces an earlier model and includes new (Windows-only) software for getting geotagged snaps onto Picasa or Google Maps. Like the older device, the way it does the tagging is more than a little clever.

The CS3K is essentially just a GPS receiver that logs physical position against time over the course of a day out. Anyone taking photos on that same trip can combine the location data with the time stamps on each image to geotag the photos.

All automated

Naturally, Sony's software does all the heavy lifting when a card carrying snaps is plugged into the CS3K, so – assuming the camera's clock is correctly set for matching images with where they were taken – there's little left to do.

Best of all, there are card slots for both Memory Sticks and SD cards, which means the CS3K can work with most compact cameras.

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