Fujifilm's refreshed printer turns your phone into an instant-photo machine

Fujifilm's refreshed printer turns your phone into an instant-photo machine

Instant cameras may be a hit at parties, but a wasted shot of that precious single-use film can also be a hit to your wallet.

Enter Fujifilm's Share series of printers, which help alleviate these woes by printing instant-photo versions of shots taken from smartphones, a process upgraded further by Fujifilm's new and improved Instax Share SP-2.

Faster than the Instax Share SP-1, the SP-2 can churn out a physical copy of any image on your digital camera roll in about 10 seconds.

Handled via a smartphone app, users can wirelessly connect to the SP-2's dedicated Wi-Fi network. From there, pictures can be uploaded, edited, and even combined into a collage before it's printed - something a classic instant camera could never do.

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 price and release date

In addition to adjusting filters, contrast, brightness, and saturation, a picture can also be printed across two separate photos and combined for a panoramic effect - useful for those extra wide shots sitting around on your phone.

Priced at $199.95, (about £150, AU$270) the SP-2 comes in two colors - gold and silver - and runs on Instax Mini instant photo packs, which retail at $19.95 for 20 exposures.

At about a buck per pic, instant photography may not be any cheaper, but having control over how the shot turns out will be a boon for you impatient photogs out there when the SP-2 rolls out next month.

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