Fujifilm launches face-detecting FinePix Z5fd

Face detection technology captures up to 10 faces in a frame

Fujifilm today announced the launch of the FinePix Z5fd, the first model in its range of Z-series cameras to feature face detection technology.

Available in three colours - raspberry red, mocha brown and silver - the FinePix Z5fd is the latest offering in Fujifilm's ultra-slim compact line-up, alongside the FinePix Z3 and Z2.

Aside from its 3x optical zoom, 6.3-megapixel CCD, and sensitive ISO 1600 specs, the FinePix Z5fd features a new blog mode. In this mode the camera adjusts image settings for posting online.

Fujifilm said the FinePix Z5fd is small enough to fit easily into a pocket. It features the traditional Z-series sliding lens cover and a 2.5-inch scratch-resistant LCD screen.

Its face detection technology captures up to 10 faces in a frame, and optimises focus and exposure to take the best possible picture.

When face detection is turned on and the camera is pointed at people, target-like squares demonstrate when it has locked on to faces. The square will then follow those faces around in real-time until they move out of the frame or the picture is taken.

The Z5fd's natural light and flash mode takes two photos in quick succession, one with flash and one without. Both images are then displayed on the camera's screen for easy review.

The 14 preset special scene modes include fireworks, and beach and snow. The Z5fd also records movies at 30fps with sound.

The FinePix Z5fd will be available from January 2007. Pricing has yet to be confirmed. Anna Lagerkvist

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