WhatsApp update tells you when someone has read your message

You can now see when your contacts read your messages

WhatsApp has quietly brought in a very helpful new feature that lets you know when your contacts have read the messages you've sent.

The Facebook-owned messaging app updated its FAQ to explain the new feature. Before the update when you sent a message to a contact a grey tick would appear next to the message to show that the message was successfully sent.

A second grey tick would then appear letting you know that the message was delivered to the recipient's phone. With the new update when the recipient reads the message, the two grey ticks will turn blue.

The changes don't just affect messages you send to one contact, with group chats and broadcast messages also benefiting from the new feature.

Skype-killing rumours resurface

Along with this new feature rumours about the upcoming voice calling feature have emerged once again.

It has been hinted for a while that WhatsApp will be bringing its users the ability to make and receive voice calls using WiFi or a mobile data connection for free, making WhatsApp a competitor of Voice over IP (VoIP) services like Skype.

We've heard that WhatsApp has apparently delayed the feature until 2015, but now the Droidapp.nl website has got what it claims are icons that will be used in WhatsApp to make voice calls.

Droidapp.nl has also uploaded a sound which it claims is the WhatsApp dial tone. If real, these leaks confirm that WhatsApp will be getting voice call functionality, something its users have long been asking for.

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