Uber promises to entertain you on your next journey

Uber Trip Experiences
Uber Trip Experiences

Uber has millions of people riding in its cars everyday with each person staring out the window or looking down at their phones, but soon the company will provide its own way to entertain you.

A new feature called Trip Experiences will give you personalized things to do depending on the length and location of your ride – and maybe even the kind of person you are.

When you step into the Uber you will receive a variety of content on your phone, depending on what trip you are planning to take. It means if you've got a 10 minute car journey ahead you may receive a playlist for that length of time.

It could even give you a news update depending on the length of your journey. Or if you're a couple it may show you a variety of restaurants to visit at the end of your trip.

Let me entertain you

It will work through Uber's Ride Request API so a variety of apps can develop experiences for the trip, and developers can start coding for the new offering right now.

You'll then have to accept each app to work with Uber's Trip Expereinces feature. You're not going to be served content without giving the app permission first.

Problem is this feature may be used to serve a variety of ads to the passengers eyes, but the company is keeping complete control to make sure that doesn't happen.

Uber said, "We know that people's time is precious and sometimes passengers just want to sit back and relax in peace. So users will be in complete control. They will need to give permission before any app can connect to Uber and access their trip details.

"And if they find it's not useful, users will be able to turn off the feature on an app by app basis."

While developers can start getting to grips with Trip Experiences now, there could be a few months wait before we see the functionality making its way onto our phones..

From Uber via The Verge

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