Two very different iPhone 7 shots have surfaced

iPhone 6S

So far most iPhone 7 sightings have been renders and blueprints, but now a shot that may be of the phone itself has leaked, alongside an image of a prototype case that sports a very different design.

The phone image, which was posted to Weibo and spotted by, appears to have a design matching many of the leaks we've seen before, so in that sense it's convincing. There are redesigned antenna strips along the top and bottom, and a larger camera sensor than in the iPhone 6S.

There's a good chance this is along the lines of the design we'll see on the actual iPhone 7, although the image itself may not be genuine. For one thing the Weibo source doesn't have a track record of phone leaks, and for another the photo looks like it could have been manipulated, as there's heavy pixelation on it.

iPhone 7

Four times the speakers, four times the fun?

Next we come to a prototype case image, obtained by and allegedly created by an Italian accessories manufacturer. This bears some similarity to the photo above, with the same redesigned antenna bands, but it has four speaker grilles, much like the iPad Pro.

iPhone 7 case

There have been suggestions that the iPhone 7 Plus could have a smart connector, and could even be called the iPhone 7 Pro – but four speakers on a phone really seems like overkill, and it's the first leak that's shown that many.

There are other suspect elements too, such as the position of the camera flash, which is below the lens here, when on most other leaks it's to the side of it. It's an interesting idea – and would give the HTC 10 a run for its audio money – but it's likely a fake.

James Rogerson

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