THQ ramps up iPhone gaming support

Pass The Pigs!

Following yesterday’s news from the iPhone press conference, in which Apple demonstrated a strong support for mobile gaming (or ‘console’ gaming, as it would rather we referred to it), major mobile gaming publisher THQ wireless adds its support to the burgeoning platform.

THQ Wireless’ vice president, Scott Zerby, told TechRadar today: “The iPhone is a great gaming platform, and as with all platforms the games that will do best are the games that make use of the features unique to it. At THQ Wireless, we are in the process of determining which our game brands will best fit the iPhone platform.”

Similar to the Wii

Discussing the three-way accelerometer motion-control, Zerby also noted that, “some of the iPhone's features for games are similar to the Wii, in that it can make games more intuitive and therefore bring more traditional non-games to the market”.

Zerby continued, “I see the iPhone as a natural fit for our line-up of casual and family approachable games. For example, I think a version of deBlob that uses the tilt sensor in the phone would make the game a whole new experience”.

Pass the Pigs

“I'm also thinking about our Pass-the-Pigs games where you roll the pigs by shaking the phone like you do real dice,” Zerby told us. He tantalisingly added that THQ has “a couple of new game concepts we invented just for the iPhone,” but would give us no more details on those at this point in time.

Rest assured, we will be the first to bring you all the news on upcoming iPhone games as soon as we get it.

Adam Hartley