Those great OnePlus One StyleSwap covers have just been cancelled

StyleSwap bamboo

The OnePlus One is notable in for delivering high specs at a surprisingly low price, but another way in which OnePlus aimed to help the One stand out was through StyleSwap covers.

These would let you replace the standard plastic back cover with a new, more unique and eye-catching one, made out of materials such as bamboo or kevlar. Sadly though, the company has decided to cease production of the covers.

In a lengthy forum post a OnePlus representative explained that the number of bamboo StyleSwap covers that had passed its quality assurance tests was much lower than had been hoped, and on top of that the removal of back covers is tricky and can potentially even damage the battery.

There's still some style to swap

For all those reasons there won't be any more StyleSwap covers, however OnePlus does still plan to sell the small number of bamboo covers that have been successfully produced, and is looking into releasing limited edition versions of the handset with Kevlar or denim covers.

If you loved the idea of StyleSwap covers you might want to hold out for the OnePlus Two, as StyleSwap covers will apparently make a return with that handset, complete with a new design which ensures the battery is protected and the covers can easily be removed.

  • Customisation fans might want to look to Moto Maker instead.
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