The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is coming to the UK, apparently

Galaxy Note Edge
Edging this way?

There were fears that the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, which has been described by Samsung as a 'limited edition concept device', would not make it to the UK. However, it looks like we might see the unique smartphone after all.

The Galaxy Note Edge comes with a bendable OLED display that can show messages and alerts along the side of the device where the display folds over.

At first it seemed like Samsung might not have had too much confidence in its design, with the Galaxy Note Edge set to launch in only a few select countries, and avoiding Europe all together.

SamMobile claims that Samsung will be launching the Galaxy Note Edge in Europe, although in limited numbers. The device is set to go on sale at €899 (around £704) through selected stores and will be available in Denmark from December 12, so says the report.

Edgy geography

The UK is expected to get the Galaxy Note Edge at a later date, along with the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, France, Nordic countries, Austria, and Portugal. We've asked Samsung for confirmation.

Meanwhile Vodafone has released a list of phones and tablets that are coming soon to the network in the UK, which includes the Galaxy Note Edge.

Other networks in the UK have yet to announce if they will be providing the Galaxy Note Edge, but it is unlikely that the handset will be exclusive to Vodafone.

Last week Samsung said that it would make the device available in Germany if enough people voted for it. Sure enough, 120,210 Germans voted and Samsung is making good on its promise and bringing the Galaxy Note Edge there as well.

The other countries getting the Galaxy Note Edge are Russia, Kazakhstan, India, Australia, Singapore, Nepal, the US, Japan and South Korea. It looks like the Galaxy Note Edge might be more desirable than Samsung gave it credit for.

Matt Hanson
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