T-Mobile US snaps up HTC Ville?

T-Mobile US snaps up HTC Ville?
Ville - heading T-Mobile-wards

The fact that it's not officially official hasn't stopped the news that T-Mobile US will carry the HTC Ville leaking out.

No word on UK networks, but the handset is expected to debut at Mobile World Congress 2012, with the latest rumours pegging it as a dual-core 1.5GHz handset running Ice Cream Sandwich, with a screen size of somewhere around 4.3-inches.

HTC's feeling in the family way if other rumours are anything to go by – the company could be set to introduce HTC Family, a walled area for private family messaging.

We are family

It's come a bit out of left field but HTC Family seems intended to sit alongside HTC Watch (movie store) and yet-to-be-announced packages like HTC Read (ebook store) and HTC Play (game marketplace).

As well as exchanging private messages with family members (or, presumably, any group of people you fancy), HTC Family will allow you to coordinate calendars and, to the delight of paranoid parents and horror of misbehaving teens, track one another through geolocation.

Sounds a bit ick, but we suppose some parents will welcome the opportunity to keep such close digital tabs on their children.

Expect to hear more about the HTC Ville and its Family inhabitants at Mobile World Congress 2012, where we're also hoping to find out all there is to know about the quad-core HTC Edge and next-gen tablet, HTC Quattro.

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