Spotify on Android: new video surfaces

New footage of Spotify on Android has been posted over at the Official Google YouTube channel.

The demo, with Gustav Söderström, talks about the Spotfy Android client in more depth.

"The thing I like about Android is that it allows you to play in the really gives the full use case for this device and it transitions nicely between Wi-Fi and 3G. It really supports the use case for the application," he says.

Söderström gives a full demo of the application and compares it with its desktop counterpart. "You can see it started very fast, I can seek within this song, I can switch songs. It's almost as fast as if you had the music all the music in the world on your desktop. You can use it for free, it's an ad-funded version."

That option is in direct contradiction to what Spotify founder Daniel Ek told the BBC recently. He explained Spotify would not be free to phone users: "Portability is an important aspect, [as is] interoperability with other devices. That's definitely something we think is a premium product that people are willing to pay for - being able to bring the music with you."

This longer demonstration was conducted on the conference floor at the 2009 Google I/O Developer Sandbox.

The Android app also includes offline functionality. "We built a synchronisation paradigm. You can highlight playlists on the Android phone for download." Changes to playlists on the desktop are then also reflected on the device.

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