Qualcomm unveils flashy new camera tech before CES

Qualcomm unveils flashy new camera tech before CES
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Qualcomm will undoubtedly show off its latest and greatest advancements in its Snapdragon technology this week, but it has jumped the CES gun by releasing videos highlighting the camera capabilities of the Snapdragon 805.

There are three technologies to speak of helping to make the most of the quad-core 2.5GHz CPU; Chroma Flash, Touch to track and OptiZoom.

Chroma Flash allows the camera to take two images almost simultaneously before combining them. The aim is to reduce the glare from flash photography, producing a more natural looking image.

The technology seems familiar, as it is similar to the way that HDR photography works, capturing an image at different exposures.

Its time for 3D again... again!

Touch to track works as you might expect. First the user selects an object for the camera to focus on, and the Snapdragon 805 allows the camera to keep it in focus no matter where the object moves to.

It also doubles up in video recording mode, allowing you to set a line on screen for the object to cross. Once the object has crossed that line, video recording is engaged.

Finally, OptiZoom works using the 'Touch to track' technology. Selecting an object allows you to control the level of zoom, with the Snapdragon 805 zooming in and out as the object moves further away or closer to the lens.

We already knew that the 805 supports up to four cameras, including the ability to have stereoscopic 3D, so keep your eyes peeled here to find out what else Qualcomm has to offer at CES 2014.

Via IntoMobile.