Overnight news roundup: 18-19 October

The Canon EOS-1D Mark III is experiencing autofocus issues that should be fixed soon

Well, it's finally Friday - here are the stories you missed last night...

Apple has released a slew of updates that address a number of issues related to devices installed in its Mac computers. According to the company, the new updates will address problems with the ATI RADEON X1900XT, Apple Remote Desktop, the Xsan file system and GarageBand.

Apple gaining in mobile phone market share race

Prior to the iPhone release, Motorola was the unquestionable leader of the mobile phone industry. And while that's still true, it seems Apple may be making some progress at cutting away that lead from Motorola. According to reports, Apple has helped drop Motorola to a 15 per cent market share - down from 33 per cent during the same period last year.

Microsoft recently announced that it would be providing a health care repository where people could quickly and easily find their medical records through the online database. In response, Google has announced that it will be providing the same service to its own customers next year.

Hakia, a semantic search engine that seems to be on a roll lately, has announced a new spin on social searching. According to the company, the search engine will show off a new feature next week called "Meet Others" where people searching for the same topic can communicate with each other.

Canon D-SLR fix in the works

For those of you who own the Canon EOS-1D Mark III, you've probably come across some issues with the autofocus. According to the company, problems arise when the temperature is high, but Canon has found a suitable fix to address the concerns.

Now that the iPhone is slated to hit UK store shelves in three weeks, there are some issues you should be aware of. First off, the iPhone is quite susceptible to ugly smudges on the touchscreen. Want a fix? Run out and find yourself the Phone Fingers, which will allow you to use the iPhone normally, but protect the screen from smudging by wrapping your fingers in black latex.

BenQ has announced a new projector that may be suitable for just about any situation. According to the company, the new projector will sport high-brightness and short-throw to create the nicest picture without sacrificing usability.

A new copyright guidelines pact was signed in the United States to address the issue of online video copyright violations. All the major players were there, bar one - Google. According to reports, Google does not support copyright violations, but is in talks to join the group that signed the pact.