Nvidia looks to £70 mobile internet device

Tegra - Nvidia's idea
Tegra - Nvidia's idea

Nvidia has suggested that its Tegra chipset should see the arrival of a £70 mobile internet device with HD video playback.

The 'computer on a chip' Tegra concept from Nvidia shown at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, runs Windows CE and has a slide-out keyboard.

But it is perhaps the price point that will conjure the most interest, with a $99 estimate for the device.


"Mobile internet devices have evolved to provide consumers with the performance and connectivity required by today's lifestyle," said Michael Rayfield, General Manager of the mobile business unit at Nvidia.

"Until now, consumers could get just another 'gadget' with limited functionality or a PC that's not 'always on'. A Tegra-based platform combines the best of both worlds."

The device appears to be firmly picking a spot between two stools - netbooks and smartphones - but if the price point is right then it could well tap into a new market in the same way as the Eee PC opened up sub-notebooks.

Of course, manufacturers will still need to actually build the device, and pick the price point for them, but as Nvidia points out: 'This platform will enable OEMs to quickly build and bring to market devices that carriers can offer for as low as $99 - bringing broadband connectivity and all of the web's HD content to the masses.'

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