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Nokia shifting to Intel power for high end phones?

Nokia looking to switch to Intel power?
Nokia looking to switch to Intel power?

Nokia and Intel's partnership announcement hinted at a shift for the Finnish firm - popping Intel's technology in its high end devices.

The new MeeGo OS will, according to Intel, help create a new range of tablets, netbooks and similar devices - and Nokia said that it might be looking at using Intel in other areas too.

When quizzed on whether we'll see Intel chips in a Nokia phone (which traditionally use ARM architecture) Nokia's Kai Öistämö offered a fairly open hint a tie up is on the cards.

"Nokia is always working with the best companies, in both hardware and software, so it's natural that we'll pick the best hardware available."

You mean us, right?

It would be pretty harsh on Intel to make reference to a competitor's chipset as 'the best', so we can assume that this may be the case.

Nokia and Intel announced a tie-in last year, although were pretty sketchy on the details beyond saying it would release a family of 'pocket friendly' devices.

Intel also pointed out that this deal won't be affecting its relationship with Microsoft, stating that MeeGo is: "focused on new devices, with different mobile experiences, which is very different to what Microsoft is addressing today.

"They're working the PC market, and that's very well addressed by Windows. That's not what we're after here [with the MeeGo announcement].