Nokia Phi Windows 8 phone confirmed by new patent?

Nokia Phi
Phi fi phone fun

Nokia and Microsoft have a joint press conference planned for September 5, and this could very well be what they'll announce: the Finnish firm's first Windows 8 handset, the Nokia Phi.

The sketch was unearthed by LiveSide in a design patent issued earlier this week. It looks a lot like the Lumia 800 or 900, Nokia's Windows 7 handsets, but there are some differences.

The bezel is thinner for a start, and the speaker is different. The sketch also squares with the picture of a Phi prototype that leaked earlier this month.

According to rumours, the Phi has a 4.7-inch curved screen, is made of polycarbonate, and has a dual-core processor. It'll be expandable thanks to an SD slot, and will have support for NFC, too.

It could be US only to start, but seeing as it's a flagship, we'd expect to see it hit these shores before long.

Straight as an Arrow

Nokia is also said to be working on the Arrow, another Windows 8 handset to be announced on September 5.

The Arrow is said to be a mid-range Windows 8 handset. But details are sparse, so we'll have to wait until September 5 to find out more. Expect it to be closer to the Lumia 710 in terms of specs.

IFA kicks off next week in Berlin as well, with plenty of Android devices coming courtesy of Samsung and the like (though fans of Bada will be out of luck). So expect to see a flurry of new phones coming your way soon.

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